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Hackberry's Specials

Featured Specials in Rochester 

Every Sunday we have brunch! - featuring a variety of hot and delicious dishes, from roasted potatoes to fritatas or stratas to bread puddings and gratins. 

MUFFINS Glorious Morning, Raspberry Vegan $1.75
SCONES Strawberry, Blackberry White Chocolate $1.75
KUCHEN Blueberry, Chocolate Chip $1.75
BAKERY Specials

Scotcheroos, Matrimonial Bars

DELI Specials

Tabouli, Roasted Harvest Salad


SOUP Four soups — made from scratch every day  

Opal's Breakfast Special!! A scramble with eggs, spinach, portabella, provolone and choice of sausage or bacon! Named after one of our valued regular customers!! 

HOT BAR Brunch: Veggie Frittata, Vegetable Egg Strata, Pumpkin Pancakes, 100% Real Maple Syrup, Maple Breakfast Links, Baked Chicken, Sun-dried Tomato Chickpeas, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Brown Rice, Steamed Green Beans

$8.99 per pound

DRINK Special Need a pick-me-up but don't drink coffee? Try an Apple Chai Latte!! 3.00
Rochester Weekly Specials for 23 November through 29 November

Featured Specials in La Crosse 


Peach or Pecan Chocolate Chip

$1.25 each
MUFFINS Glorious Morning,Double Chocolate Chip, or Blackberry Vegan $1.25 each
KUCHEN Blueberry or Raspberry White Chocolate  $1.75 each
SALAD Cranberry Relish $4.99/lb
LUNCH SPECIAL Sloppy Josephine $5.99 
PANINI The Sweet Beet $6.95
SOUP Vegetable Barley $2.49 cup
$3.49 Bowl
SOUP Tuscan Tortellini $2.49 cup
$3.49 Bowl
La Crosse Weekly Specials for 23 November through 29 November

Today's Specials at Hackberry's Bistro

SOUP Vegetarian: Curried Corn

$2.99 cup

$4.99 bowl


Meat: Old World Hunter's Soup

Made w/ Venison & Boar

$2.99 cup

$4.99 bowl


Meat: Ham, Onion, Muenster, Oslo

Vegetarian: Broccoli, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Muenster, Oslo

BEVERAGE SPECIAL Summit Winter Ale $4.00
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